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and future, thank you for your service to your country and the world. >> good evening. i am bret baier. this is a fox news alert. president obama said he invited a by partisan group of lawmakers to come to the white house to hammer out a deal on the debt limit. first the story everyone is talking about today a stunning decision. not guilty. that was the verdict for florida mother casey anthony who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter three years ago. it was a decision that left many shaking their heads. phil keating has details from orlando tonight. good evening, phil. >> jose baez told me friday night he felt like david verses goliath. that was before his closing argument where he told the 12 people just because casey anthony is a liar does not mean she is a murderer. after clib brating for under 11
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hours the jury agreed. >> oo to the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> on the count of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child also not guilty. instead she is guilty of four counts of lying to investigators. this stunning victory exemplified emotionally as casey anthony and her team erupted in the courtroom. george and cindy anthony the parents of casey and grandparents of little caylee left the courtroom abruptly not saying a word. in a decision made by her attorney while they may never know what happened to caylee they have closure to this chapter and accept the jury's verdict. casey anthony's attorney jose
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baez completely out matched had this to say. >> i want to start off by saying that while we are happy with casey there are no winners in this case. caylee has passed on far far too soon. what the driving force has been is always to make sure the hasas been justice for caylee and casey. casey did not murder caylee it's that simple. >> as for the prosecution team a near total defeat with a 6 month trial that gripped moist of the country. >> we are disappointed with the
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verdict today and surprise the. we knew the facts and put in every piece of evidence that existed. our team did an exemplary job. i am proud of them. i never ever criticize a jury. theirs is a task of decideling what to believe. >> casey anthony remains in custody. she will return to the courthouse thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. for the sentencing for the four counts of lying to police. she could get one more year and a few months in jail or they have the option of setting her free. >> the jurors would not talk today. >> they found her not guilty of the murder charges the state did not prove motive. >> thank you very much live in orlando. presidented obama says they need to get out of their comfort
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zones anl come to the white house ready to make a deal on the debt ceiling. jim angle has an update. >> president obama told reporters he is calling voters to the white house for another round of talks seeking what balan a balanced approach. >> we need to look at spending fon defense programs entitlement programs and we need to take on spending in the tax code, spending on certain tax breaks and deductions for the wealthyest of americans. >> they need trillions in savings they didn't specify further. they need to invest in the future in terms of spending programs. if no bigger deal is possible the president dismissed the idea. there may be some in congress just to make sure america avoids defaulting on our debt in the short term they want to kick the can down the road to solve the
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larger problem our deficit. i don't share that view. >> earlier harry reid reconvened to work on the debt opening with a somber warning. >> this crisis is not a new problem. it has been around for months. we no longer have months or weeks to divert this catastrophe. >> never the al the list the to libya. >> regardless of how one feels about how one feels about the libyan revolution that's not what we need to be doing this week. >> in the face of that the libyan resolution was pulled from consideration. democrats are still pushing for tax increases.
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>> democrats are proposing for people to have lower in the millions they want to eliminate deductions those with charitable contributions for couples making 250,000 a year. republicans say democrats want more spending even in a deal to reduce debt. >> they want a second stimulus. more deficit spending. in the middle of a jobs crisis they want to raise taxes that they know will kill even more jobs even when the president has said raising taxes with less ability to hire. >> unlike the previous talks all # top congressional leaders will add new faces to negotiations at this point could mean bigger differences not smaller ones. brett? >> jim. thank you. let's get perspective on how the debt issue and others figure into the future. brit hume joins us tonight. good evening. >> hi brett.
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republicans obsessing about their lack of a new political super star to lead them against the vaunted barack obama this year seem not to have noticed something. they are full of political repeat this town as seen in many years. he was elected to fix the economy but they think he and his party has failed and ma gro the national debt. his political base is cranky about the war in afghanistan unhappy he failed to end the bush tax cuts and worried they may be able to cut spending significantly to win an increase in the debt ceiling. he must win his base to have hope of reelection but he knows if the independents who backed him in 2008 and if they don't come back his base isn't enough. even as they gave ground in spending and debt with negotiations with congressional republicans he talked about taxing the rich in the white house news conference this week. by today he was con sill tory
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again and confident with a deal. he is against kicking an issue down the road. he's the same guy who wanted a debt ceiling increase with no action on spending. eases like a man who took two dates to the prom and is trying to make two people happy. he may not pull it off but he is dancing as fast as he can. >> what about balance in the final deal? > republicans -- the president in congress and democratic party on spending but the president fears that if he gives too much on spending and doesn't give anything seemingly in the deal other than the debt spending he will be infuriating the base. some taxes can go up and give them a chance to say he has more in turn which is a lot. crude oil gained almost $2
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today $96.89 a barrel. factory orders were up 8 tenths of a percentage point in may. it dropped that much in april. the dow dropped 136 the s&p 500 dropped 1 and three quarters the nasdaq gained 9 and three quarters. china is unfairly limiting the export of raw materials used in steel aluminum and chemical injuries. that is a victory for the u.s. american union and mexico. prices have more than doubled. portugal's government debt dealing another blow to europe economy. it cited the growing risk that portugal will need a second rescue package and concerns they will not meet reduction targets. findings to report president
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obama's stimulus program as hugely inefficient. white house correspondent looks at the numbers and what they me mean>> on spending and job growth they were spending $278,000 a job. the report says 666 billion in stimulus spending quote has saved or created between 2.4 and 36.6 million jobs. using the lower figure the spending says giving the leach could have saved more than 400 billion. dividing between 3.6 million still comes out to $185,000 a job. the math doesn't work that way. >> the report is based on partial examination. the recovery act is present to do do more than just create jobs. >> because the stimulus bill was divided roughly in thirds between infrastructure spending tax cuts and unemployment benefits and aids to state each
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had an indirect impact and cost to job figure can't be calculated. still elaine ciao says the problem is the impact of the spending was only temporary. >> the stimulus package was not effective. it did not give long-term confidence to consumers another nor to employeemployers. >> president obama said the stimulus project didn't start as fast as it would have liked. >> shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we would like. >> they suggest the stimulus money could have been better targeted in nevada where the jobless rate is 126 percent got less money than north dakota where fewer than half percent is unemployed. the country was losing money a month when they debated the bill. honeywell says it may have saved us from a second depression. >> i herd was running off the cliff you had to fire a shot.
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you might have killed a cow or shot should have gone this way but you had to stop the herd from running off the cliff. >> some say the stimulus was too small. based on the figures we would have bought a 5 percent unemployment rate. white house officials say the stimulus bill created roughly what they said it would and roughly what it would spends on stimulus. >> we will tell you what the white house staff is earning that's later in the grapevine. mexican officials are live individual and what crossed into their country from america. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive.
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>> many government officials in mexico are seeking their pound of flesh over the failed operation that put the guns in the hands of mexican criminals. william lo lash necessary has t specifics. >> according to sources the guns came compliments of the u.s. government. >> we weren't giving guns to people who were hugging bear we were giving guns to people killing other humans. >> this program was a great mistake in the inception. it is absurd especially because human lives are in danger. >> he is a former interior minister and undeclared presidential candidate. the u.s. violated mexican sovereignty by appro approving l
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sales this were going south. >> they believe there is a conspiracy from the united states to sell guns to mexico. >> numbers are overwhelming in a country where up to 40,000 died in cartel violence. >> how many were killed or injured as a result of fast and furious? >> hundreds say the exact number is not known. why? because they were tempted to trace the weapons. numbers were sd not exist when in fact they did which is why many pe here feel be trade. >> i feel violated. i feel lie country's sovereignty was violated. >> chairman of mexico's excis n commission of national security say there are leaked member hoes showing they were not only sending to mexico -- >> you can't allow someone to buy 600 guns in the united states and think that's okay. >> the intent of fast and
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furious was to follow the gun from point of sale in the u.s. to mexico. agents didn't do that. there was no lengthy surveillance only as victims were shot did the u.s. know where the guns were. >> what can't happen is this ends on administrative sanction or administration. no. hugh man lives were lost here. >> many want u.s. officials responsible extradited and prosecuted for gun running. >> they should demand they be tried in mexico since the incident took place here. >> some analysts don't see that happening. >> the u.s. government tries to protect their law enforcement officials were being prosecuted abroad. it would be very difficult for them to get a fair trial in mexico. >> fox news. later today they took it seriously and the investigation is gone. they are on all of this with the panel. exxon mobil is acknowledging an
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oil leak is larger than first believed. correspondent alicea is monitoring this from denver. >> if you do the math it is likely the oil went downstream into north dakota. something exxon mobil can't confirm. all of this as they clean up in the midst of a flood. >> with the national weather service predicting yellowstone river will reach the peak flood level with the oil spill they worry about the crude being push nude their land. >> it is all over the topsoil i don't want my animals eating that. >> a oil pipe ruptured releasing 426,000 gallons of oil in the river that runs over it. >> we understand we need to get our full arms around the exposure area. we have not completed that yet. we look downstream to make sure we have identified all areas you
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need to address. >> what issue? exposure. two people have been hospitalized with symptoms that include dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath that. caused a frustrated rancher to confront an exxon executive about a carbon exposure. >> i want to know what we would have potentially been exposed to. >> environmental protection agency said the agency is conducting air and water sampling to determine what impacts the still m spill may h air or water quality while also ensuring the responsible party is held accountable. it was shut down in may after officials raised concerns it could be raising flood waters. >> exxon mobil said it has not yet determined the cause of the spill. big role in the 2012 elections the commanders in the forces in afghanistan as he prepares to take on a new challenge.
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>> fox news has learned a member of an al qaeda linked group has flown to new york today as after being interrogated for a few months. he was questioned by military personnel and was said to have provided useful intelligence. he was already charged in court. city council building north of baghdad left at least 356 people dead. the assault began with ka car bomb. it was followed by a roadside blast. a series of attacks as the iraqi government decides whether to keep some troops in iraq past the end of the year withdraw
6:24 pm
deadline. they postponed to give president obama limited authority against libya. britain's defense secretary says rebel forces to enter any time soon. it is a drawn out intervention there. heavy fighting was reported monday and today near the opposition strong hold. 11 people were killed. at least four of the troops killed. the man in charge of the u.s. war effort is on his way out. dominique has the story. >> it was both a reintroduction and a farewell with wand raised at the hand administering general petraeus has spent 8 of the past 11 years on the battlefield but he leaves afghanistan to become the cia's director. some 235 of the servicemen leaf
6:25 pm
here today but the united states will need more veterans to recommit themselves to the mission because of the pending drawdown there's a tough battle ahead in afghanistan. general told me the united states achieved what he originally came here to do go after al qaeda ander r eradicat terrorism. >> the tal began allowed al qaeda on soil when it ran the country. it is a high likelihood it would happen again. >> they held a more hawkish opinion the so-called gang of three from washington said the taliban would never seriously negotiate peace with the u.s. >> the planned drawdown is an unnecessary risk. i hope and pray every night that the drawdown will still allow us
6:26 pm
to succeed. i have very little doubt if we are deprived in a significant degree to the fighting season which was planned for eastern began stn. >> s senator mccain told me he would be two steps forward one step back for many years to come. general david petraeus leaves this fabled graveyard filled with america's own sacrifices but with a new mission to minimize further losses here and prevent threats back on home soil. dominique denatali fox news. >> senior officials believe iran transferred new weapons to allies from iraq to allies. the revolutionary guard has given the taliban long range rockets and sent them exploding projectiles to iraq. it considers them american
6:27 pm
propaganda. a boat packed with refugees bound for saudi arabia sank off the coast of the sudan. it is clear 200 people died. three migrants have been rescued. >> venezuela president hugo chavez addressed his troops today. he is staying home after recovering from cancer surgery. he appeared on the balcony of the presidential palace waving the flag. they are celebrating the 200th anniversary from the declaration of independence from spain. 25 wasted sentence. and what you are paying to the white house staffers. what is th? the debate is over. ♪ lexus hybrid drive technogy is designed to optimize any fuel source on the planet.
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>> now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. some spent the holiday weekend adding up the salaries of white
6:31 pm
house staffers. los angeles times report 454 aids are running a combined total of $437 million this year. those figures are up since 2008 by 7 staff members and nearly $4 million. almost a third of white house aids earn $100,000 a year and 21 receive the maximum of 172,000. members of congress the senate completed a session that lasted 25 seconds. it countd as a full day of work. the 112 lt congress is found to be one of the least productive within recent years. bills made into law and nominees approved. from january to may of this year 16 bills became law compared with 50 during that period last year and 28 in 2007.
6:32 pm
also a time of divided government. the senate and house this year have taken roughly half of the number of yea and nay votes as in 2007. and that friday session that lasted just 25 seconds was because senate majority leader harry reid wanted to start the clock ticking on the resolution to authorize president obama's action in libya. senate rules say legislation must be on the table 30 yours before it sees a vote. however as we told you earlier late today re reid pulled the resolution to move on to a nonbinding role for tax hike on millionaires. big labor is once again counting on a big role in next year's elections. the hunters and the hunted. >> stumping in new hampshire gop frontrunner mitt romney talked
6:33 pm
about the role big histo govern has made in history. the union agendas in the struggling economic recovery. >> he stacked them with labor union stooges and if you are in a business that requires a lot of people you have a lot of employees that's going to make you pull back because you don't know what your cost of labor is going to be. >> meantime tim pawlenty took aim at public sector unions in a new tv ad designed to inoculate him from the effects of the shut down of the north star state. >> minnesota gripped by one of the longest transit strikes in history why? because pawlenty refuse to do cave in to unions. result pawlenty won. >> on friday vice president biden gave a teamster audience democratic religion as the only that can stands up to republicans. >> they are succeeding.
6:34 pm
they are succeeding in rolling back collective bargaining rights. deception laws. right to work laws. >> they have a warning to those who may consider it a warning. >> don't come to me if you do. you are on your own, jack. >> that was a reply to sharp words. >> resources helping candidates that don't stand up and help us. >> while the work force has grown 200 percent since 1950 it slunk dramatically. even though organized labor spent 20 million to 2010 it is by the two fell by points. >> they are to work for the owe
6:35 pm
biden obama ticket again. >> fox news contacted the american fed ration of state counted and municipal employees. the employee's international union and international education association which endorsed the president for reelection but nonresponded to our requests for comment, brett. >> alarming figures about the obama stimulus package and the latest on talks of fox all stars will discuss when we come back. verizon claims its 4lt is twice afast as at&t.
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>> there may be some in congress who want to do just enough to make sure america avoids defaulting on our debt in the short term but then wants to kick the can down the road when it comes to solving the larger problem of our deficit. i don't share that view. i don't think the american
6:39 pm
people want to avoid tough problems. >> the president talking about the debt ceiling increase vote. the negotiations ongoing invited lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to the white house thursday leaders from both parties to try to hammer out the deal. as he says kicking the can down the road this is the same white house that back in april called for a clean bill. nothing attached to a debt ceiling increase vote in both the house and senate. >> we believe we should move quickly to raise the debt limit. we have a clean piece of legislation to do that. >> that would not include any additional spending back then. that changed with the politics. associate editor of the hill and juan williams columnist with the hill. >> can i make the obvious point they had two years they add
6:40 pm
dressed the question they choose spending the time passing the stimulus plan and talking about healthcare expanding the entitlement of the nature of the kind that are making us broke. the white house it's a little silly to pretended he was the one to kick the can down the road when all he did was spend the money. a part san to a hack to be conciliate tore. it is a hard sell. they assume the president of the united states wants the deal at this point. they could result in defaulting. he's the one who has made the case they all need to come together. his actions over the past 6 weeks with the assumption what he really wants is the showdown. he is posturing for that
6:41 pm
showdown. >> kicking the can down the road just a few months ago the white house wanted a green vote without any spending cuts. whe where is the truth factor in that statement? >> the president will rewind the tape in december ignored the recommendations for the deficit commission. he went on to give a state of the union where he did can kicking on entitlement reform didn't want to touch it. then he went on to reduce the budget in february which also did not attack entitlement reform. then he went on once the republicans came up with the budget over hauled medicare he came up with a new budget something i have not seen in the time i am recovering. he is late to the game but he is in it for reel and he wants american people to know he is grown-up president obama coming to deal with the squabbling one
6:42 pm
more time. we all know here in washington and people we have spoken to all afternoon to screen about this kind of posturing. it broad ens the group of negotiators so it only confuses and gums up what they are talking about. it is not narrowing the numbers to get a deal at all. it is a dog and pony show. to the american people he looks like he is out there being a grownup he wants them to come together no more can kicking. it helps him with the people that aren't paying that much attention to the game. >> the action is interesting to me they were supposed to be out of session. what harry reid is trying to do is make it clear democrats are here to work on a deal. in the senate what they are going to vote on is some kind of resolution there has to be shared sacrifices.
6:43 pm
they a they are trying to create cuts to things like medicare medicaid spending. they are cutting into those that are most vulnerable in the society they make cuts to the rich. on the political side of this you and i know the polls indicate there's a tremendous amount of republicans and many independents who say you know what? let the debt limit pass. we don't care about it. we don't believe the damage that it will do to the american economy. we don't believe wall street and don't believe the rating agencies. president obama so far is content to say if that's the way you guys feel go right ahead. with the poll numbers on this is the same people when they are told that it does damage the american economy you say well don't do that. we think that would be reckless. i think the president and the democrats have concluded you know what if the republicans want to go aheahead>> juan thata
6:44 pm
very good argument juan is making. it's the white house's view. the president wants to be able to say he has a right. if in fact these letters go up social security will be in or if you see some economic effects the market starts to get nervous about it the president at that point can say look this is republicans. right now he owns the economy he has no arguments nothing to say. if there is some disruption i think he can turn and say republicans i think it's a phony argument. >> the president should prioritize the administration prioritize pay down what is owed not technically default and have
6:45 pm
a priority of what is being taped if you are in the interior department maybe you are not going to head to work but other things would get paid you don't buy that when republicans say that. >> i think it's a silly argument because look what happened to minnesota they had to close july 4th. we are talking about closing several important functions of government s so we can payoff t interest and try to pay our troops it is a catastrophic moment in the country. bad for ow future and bad signal about the economy. >> it costs 30 to cover a debt allocation. you don't have to do it, period. >> the people that are nervous about the market and watch the economy closer than we do at this table do not believe that is the best thing for our rating. it is the best thing for our credit to start to make them
6:46 pm
nervous. >> we have moerp on the stimulus. next the latest on what went wrong? naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> we weren't giving guns to people hugging bears we were giving guns to people who were killing other humans. >> i obviously feel violated. i feel my country's sovereignty was violated. >> comment on people's jobs and that sort of thing is inappropriate. the president will take it very seriously. he made clear in the press conference he had then he found out about the reports. >> the white house responded to the questions about operation fast and furious as mexican
6:50 pm
officials say the guns the atm firearms gave to the folks trying to track the guns ended up in the hands of criminals purposely and that ended up with a series of criminal acts including a killing of some 21 in mexico. in mexico on this. what about this and where it is headed in the back of the panel. av? >> this is a very disturbing obviously tragic but really bizarre story. even if it had gone well it was high risk. really questionable. democrats are compla complainin is a broader policy that if they had been able to do their job effectively on the u.s. mexico
6:51 pm
border. it is not really the time to be looking at the broader policy questions in the future. you have to look at how it was conceived of and how and why it failed. it was very strange the goal was to infiltrate the country with guns and they have not followed up on the trail. >> they were to follow the guns from point of sail into the u.s. into mexico. agents really didn't do that. they didn't have the surveillance the guns ended up all over the place only after victims were shot did the u.s. truly know where they ended up according to multiple people's testimony on capitol hill. where does this go? does it end in eric holder's feet? >> who's responsibility. >> it is his responsibility. this is a story getting bigger by the day. i expect it to continue going. it is a big deal.
6:52 pm
listen carefully to what william reportederlier you had the mexican police come with guns perhaps being part of a program like this without actually knowing the details of the program. the government said we don't know anything about this when in fact they did. this takes us almost to another level. you had last week of course phoenix that these guns are showing up in the united states. in addition to the tragic death this is not a situation that is going any time soon. you can see in the white house several questions about the variety of news they did not want the stock options. >> you have mexican officials calling for the leaders to be extradited to mexico tried in mexico for providing the guns that killed these growing number of people. >> talk about violating if they
6:53 pm
were under instructions from higher ups i would agree this hadz to be on average debtor rick holder has to be on the final their responsibility in the united states government takes responsibility. i understand the good intent that you described earlier. this has been a problem because of gun laws that it has been easy for the drug cartels to obtain guns from the u.s. in a request from mexican president to the american president bush and now obama that they stop the gun trafficking going into mexico. on the drug traffic and murders unbelievable with the children in places like juarez. kidnapping all of the rest occasionally at the u.s. border.
6:54 pm
i understand the concern about the cartel and the guns. it has resulted in accelerating the rate of murder. >> how much the white house knew about it is a question. >> jay says they didn't know. the president learned in the news reports. >> you buy that? >> i don't think the president knows everything in the world. the operation was put in place with good intent and was allowed to go like a garden unweeded and has gotten out of control and led to as i said a tragic end. >> explain to me how it works if it worked perfectly what happened? >> stop the gun trafficking they are going to pin more guns into the pipeline and try to train them and trail them and that way they would end up being able to better capture prosecute cartel members because they would be able to trace and track the gun.
6:55 pm
they did not do that. resulted in abundance of fore gone. >> they identified who the gun sales men were along the way and then be able to pull the gun back. >> there are memos according to williams that says not only did the u.s. weapons help the mexican cartels but officials wat -- >> you are seeing them deny open records requests that they probably would have otherwise given up and the white house could move on. >> congressman is following up on capit capitol hill as well. stay tuned to see a wrap up of the television statement that had the white house up in arms. i need to think about something else when i run. [ male announcer ] with efficient i.t. solutions from dell, doug can shift up to 50% of his company's technology spend
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well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. >> he called him a part of the the male anatomy on air.
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he apologized. >> didn't know he was going to apologize. what you didn't know is his apology would be chaperochapero willie geist. disapproving glare. look at his face during the apology. look at it! it is a perfect mix of disappointment. it has a dash of sadness. from now on this why should be included in all of our apologies. >> i have made terrible mistakes. i have hurt the people i care about the most. >> i'm deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior. >> i apologize to the public. >> i am profoundly sorry for all i have done wrong. >> i regret deeply what injury may have been done. >> i just want to apologize. >> thanks, everybo

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